Useful Links

Norovirus/diarrheal Disease Surveillance Data from Other Agencies
Centre for Health Protection | Hong Kong
Laboratory detection
Sentinel surveillance (emergency departments)
Sentinel surveillance (out-patients)
Sentinel surveillance (child-care centres)
Sentinel surveillance (residential care homes for the elderly)
CaliciNet: virus genotype distribution
NoroSTAT: outbreak surveillance
Public Health England | UK
Outbreaks and laboratory detection
National Institute of Infectious Diseases | Japan
Laboratory detection
Virus genotype distribution (will open a PDF file)
Institute of Environmental Science and Research | New Zealand
Public Health Surveillance Report

International Norovirus Surveillance Network
NoroNet (registration required)

Research Tools
Norovirus Genotyping Tool by RIVM
Caliciviridae in ViPR (Virus Pathogen Resource)

Links last reviewed on 1 January 2019