Useful Links

Norovirus/diarrheal Disease Surveillance Data from Other Agencies
Centre for Health Protection | Hong Kong
Laboratory detection
Sentinel surveillance (emergency departments)
Sentinel surveillance (out-patients)
Sentinel surveillance (child-care centres)
Sentinel surveillance (residential care homes for the elderly)
CaliciNet: virus genotype distribution
NoroSTAT: outbreak surveillance
Public Health England | UK
Outbreaks and laboratory detection
National Institute of Infectious Diseases | Japan
Laboratory detection
Virus genotype distribution (will open a PDF file)
Institute of Environmental Science and Research | New Zealand
Public Health Surveillance Report

International Norovirus Surveillance Network
NoroNet (registration required)

Research Tools
Norovirus Typing Tool by RIVM
Calicivirus Typing Tool by the US CDC
Caliciviridae in ViPR (Virus Pathogen Resource)

Links last reviewed on 9 September 2019