Research Team

Dr. Martin Chan, PhD

Team Leader
EducatPicture1ion and Training:
1. PhD (Medical Sciences), Chinese University of Hong Kong
2. MPhil (Biochemistry), Chinese University of Hong Kong
3. BSc (Molecular Biotechnology), Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research Interests:
1. Norovirus molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis
2. Novel virus discovery
3. Gut virome
4. Food virology

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Twitter: @martinchanlab


Lau Sin Leung     Research Staff (2019-2020)

Miko Zhang
     Research Staff (2017-2020)

Erin Tse     Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-2020)

Jenny Chan     MPhil (2017-2020) Current: Research Staff, School of Public Health, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong [Linkedin]

Kirran Mohammad     Research Staff (2017-2019)

Kirsty Kwok     Research Staff + MPhil (2015-2018) Current: PhD Candidate, Viroscience, Erasmus MC, the Netherlands [Linkedin | Google Scholar]

Shelley Chan     Research Staff (2016-2017)

Thomas Hung     Research Staff (2015-2017)