Research Team

Dr. Martin Chan, PhD

Team Leader
Educatmartinion and Training:
1. PhD (Medical Sciences), Chinese University of Hong Kong
2. MPhil (Biochemistry), Chinese University of Hong Kong
3. BSc (Molecular Biotechnology), Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research Interests:
1. Norovirus molecular epidemiology and pathogenesis
2. Novel virus discovery
3. Gut virome
4. Food virology
Contact: or
Twitter: @martinchanlab

Erin Tse

Postdoctoral Fellow

After completing my PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Aston University, I became interested in the use of stem-cell derived models to study disease pathology. I am primarily trained in mammalian cell culture and molecular biology techniques. My current research interests lie in the use of molecular techniques to help screen for host factors involved in mediating norovirus infection in a human enteroid model.

Jenny ChJennyChanan

MPhil Research Student

I obtained my BSc (Hons) in Virology from the University of Glasgow, where I was fascinated by molecular virology, in particular the approaches employed by different viruses to cause diseases. My current project is to identify potential host factors benefiting norovirus infection utilising the enteroid model.

Miko ZhangMiko

Research Staff

Lau Sin Leung
Research Staff



Kirran Mohammad     Research Staff (2017-2019)

Kirsty Kwok     Research staff + MPhil (2015-2018) Current: PhD Candidate, Viroscience, Erasmus MC, the Netherlands

Shelley Chan
    Research Staff (2016-2017)

Thomas Hung     Research Staff (2015-2017)